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Renos Demetriou

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­Renos studied Fine Arts and then continued with Design and Advertising. He undertook a postgraduate specialization in Broadcasting, New Media Design and Production, gaining his first experience in the United States, working for companies such as Coca-Cola, CNN, FOX5, SEGA and many others.
Moving to Europe, Renos worked us  a freelance designer for advertising, marketing communication and production companies in Greece, Cyprus, Serbia and the UK. Upon returning to Cyprus, he worked as an Art Director and later as a Creative Director. In 2007 he founded the Cyprus Creative Club and started his own company, Daedalus Creative Services, which specialized in brand engineering and public image creation. In June 2013 DaedalusCS was acquired by ConversionPros, a marketing communications and full service company specialized in the retail financial sector. Renos now stands as the Creative Director at ConversionPros.