The Cyprus Creative Club

2015 Pygmalion Awards Winners

We are happy to announce and congratulate the 2015 Pygmalion Awards Winners.
• In the Design/Illustration category Mr Omiros Pnayides has been awarded with a Silver Pygmalion for the Promo Character Illustrations for Papernote notebooks.
• In the Design/Graphic Design category Mr Philippos Vassiliades has been awarded with a Silver Pygmalion for the poster design for the 2014 Fengaros Festival.
• In the Design/Any Other category Mr Artemis Psathas has been awarded with a Silver Pygmalion for the Display Design Installation for Absolut Vodka Cyprus.
• In the Print & Outdoor/Poster Advertising Ms Myria Konnari has been awarded with a Bronze Pygmalion for the poster design for the 11th Summer Dance Festival.

* To see the award winning works select Pygmalion Awards from the menu.