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We would like to introduce the Cyprus Creative Club, member of the Art Directors Club of Europe (ADC*E), to all the creative professionals throughout Cyprus. As an official member of the ADC*E we would like to point out the advantages of becoming a member of the Cyprus Creative Club (CCC) and support the goals and understand the importance of belonging to a creative body that represents the creative professionals of Cyprus in Europe and worldwide.


Why become a member of the CCC?

The Cyprus Creative Club is a non-profit organisation founded to provide a portal for professional visual communication. As a member of the ADC*E the Cyprus Creative Club offers you the opportunity to integrate with industry professionals and enhance your exposure to potential clients and creative collaborators. We believe in progression. We are committed to the development and expansion of your ability to deliver commercial standards in a competitive global market. Our goal is to set a standard for creative expression in Cyprus. Through education and exposure, inspiration and recognition we will bring to the market the best creative talent whether it is an agency or an individual.


Membership benefits include:

Opportunity for direct ADC*E (Art Directors Club of Europe) membership, Discount for all Club events and seminars, Free for all Award competitions, Directory listings (online and publication), Website links to member’s website, the use of the Creative Club member’s logo in your communication material, Opportunity to participate in ADC*E Festivals and Educational programs.


Membership categories:

Company Member – €150
This membership is for 3 members (representing a company) who must be qualified creative professionals, holders of a BA degree or higher. Full voting rights. For any additional members you will receive a 15% discount on member fees.

Full Member – €75
This is for an individual that is a qualified creative professional, holder of a BA degree or higher. Full voting rights.

Student Member – €30
Currently studying in an advertising or design related course. No voting rights.

Friends of the Club – €40
Open to individuals or companies that would like to be informed of the Clubs events and activities and that would like to receive our newsletter and members directory. No voting rights.

Honorary Member
This is for creative professionals that the Club would like to honor with a membership. Full voting rights.

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Member’s Manifesto

" Those who strive for excellence work to a higher standard and never give up. Those who chase a dream in life - the obstinate, the tenacious, the committed, the sincere, the open-minded. Those who place integrity before profit and believe in the triumph of enthusiasm over scepticism".